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Gulab Jamun Rabdi Mousse Cups

Gulab Jamun Rabdi Mousse Cups

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Sydney's Sweet Symphony: Gulab Jamun Rabdi Mousse Dessert Cups (Handmade & Heavenly!) 🇦🇺🇮🇳

Imagine this: the soft melt-in-your-mouth sweetness of gulab jamun nestled in a creamy rabdi mousse, infused with the fragrant whisper of rose water and cardamom. This isn't your average dessert; it's a modern masterpiece, a love letter to two beloved Indian classics, crafted fresh to order with only the finest, natural ingredients.

Ready to embark on a sweet adventure? Order Online your box of Gulab Jamun Rabdi Mousse Dessert Cups today and experience Sydney's newest dessert sensation!

Why these dessert cups will steal your heart:

We say no to artificial flavours and preservatives, focusing on the pure magic of fresh milk, fragrant rose water, warming cardamom, and a touch of creamy cheese. Each cup is handcrafted with love, a tiny symphony of sweetness nestled in a sprinkle of pistachios and almonds.

More than just a dessert, it's an experience:

Each bite is a journey: From the smooth, fragrant rabdi to the syrupy burst of gulab jamun, it's a flavour adventure that keeps you coming back for more.

A touch of elegance: These beautifully presented cups make a stunning addition to any occasion, whether it's a tea party, dinner party or a quiet night in.

Eggless Indulgence: Everyone can enjoy it! Our dessert cups are completely eggless, perfect for dietary restrictions or simply a lighter take on dessert.

Handmade fresh to order: Forget mass-produced treats! We pour our heart into every cup, using only the finest ingredients without artificial flavours and preservatives.

Freshness Guaranteed: Each cup is made to order using only the finest ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial flavours. You get pure, authentic taste, handcrafted with love.

Share the sweetness: Order a box and spread the joy! These delights are perfect for gift or sharing (or savouring all to yourself, we won't judge).


Gulab Jamun, Cheese, Milk, Sugar, Rose Water, Cardamom, pistachios, almonds

Storage Instructions

Keep Refrigerated. Consume within 2 days. 


Please note: This Product is freshly made in a kitchen in which allergens that may be present include gluten, dairy & nuts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jane Panwala
Gulab Jamun cups

These were absolute treat. Flavoursome and delicious. The presentation was unique and stunning. It lightened the simple Indian dessert to a higher level.


Yummiest & Delicious.


Gulab Jamun Rabdi Mousse Cups

Sukh Babbar
Heavenly Fusion

Indulgent perfection in every spoonful, the gulab jamun rabdi mousse cup is a divine fusion of traditional flavours elevated to heavenly heights.
Thank you Simer ❤️❤️

Abhishek Parikh
Luxury in a cup

Absolutely amazing presentation and taste! I have tried them more than once and the taste and look of the cups is consistently outstanding.

Very innovative and delicious take on a traditional Indian dessert!

Would highly recommend!