About us

Our Motto : Celebrate Diversity, Celebrate Flavour, Real Ingredients, Real Connections!

Welcome to Eatwithsimer, a Sydney-based sweet oasis celebrating diversity and delight! We offer a unique fusion of Indian and Western desserts, handcrafted with real ingredients and bursting with deliciousness. We're passionate about celebrating the vibrant tapestry of flavours and cultures that make Sydney so special.

Our motto, "Celebrate Diversity, Celebrate Flavour, Real Ingredients, Real Connections," reflects our core values:

Celebrating Diversity: We believe in bridging cultures through the universal language of food. Our creations combine the rich flavours of India with the familiar comfort of Western classics, creating an exciting adventure for your taste buds. We embrace the richness of different cultures and flavours, offering a unique dessert experience for everyone.

Celebrating Flavour: We don't shy away from bold, unique flavour combinations. From the warm spice of cardamom to the refreshing tang of mango, we explore the full spectrum of taste to create truly unforgettable desserts.

Real Ingredients: We believe in quality over quantity. We use only the finest, freshest ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial flavours. This means our treats are not just delicious, but they're also good for you! Each dessert is lovingly made to order in our Sydney kitchen, ensuring a truly artisanal experience.

Real Connections: We're passionate about creating connections between people through our shared love of sweets. Whether you're Indian, Australian, or from anywhere in between, we welcome you to share the sweetness with us. Whether you grew up with Laddus or crave a classic cheesecake, we offer a taste of celebration that transcends cultural boundaries.

Our Story: A Fusion of Cultures and Flavours

My love affair with food began in India, where desserts held a special place in my heart. While cakes were reserved for birthdays, the world of mithai was a captivating universe of textures and tastes. Growing up, I improved my baking skills, learning from my mother and experimenting with recipes.

As I settled in Australia, I embraced the world of cakes and pastries but a craving for familiar flavours remained. The search for fresh, authentic Indian desserts that weren't overly sweet proved elusive. This prompted me to embark on a creative mission: to weave the magic of vibrant flavours of Indian ingredients into classic Western desserts, creating something new and exciting.

In 2020, I started sharing my creations on social media, and the response was overwhelming. People loved the innovative take on familiar desserts, and soon, requests started pouring in. This outpouring of support fuelled my passion, and in May 2021, Eatwithsimer was officially born.

Today, we cater to a diverse clientele: from individuals seeking a unique dessert experience to corporate clients and event organisers looking for something special. We offer a range of delectable treats, from classic cakes with an Indian twist to traditional Indian sweets reimagined with modern flair.

Join the Celebration!

Whether you're a dessert enthusiast or simply curious to explore new culinary horizons, Eatwithsimer welcomes you with open arms. We cater to all palates, Indian and non-Indian alike, offering a unique treat for every occasion. Come indulge in our sweet delights, celebrate diversity with every bite, and create real connections over shared moments of pure deliciousness.

We can't wait to share our passion with you!


Founder & Head Chef 

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