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Mango Coconut Laddoo

Mango Coconut Laddoo

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Dive into Tropical Sunshine: Handcrafted Mango Coconut Laddoo - A Taste of Paradise! ☀️

Craving a guilt-free indulgence that bursts with exotic flavours? Look no further than our Handcrafted Mango Coconut Laddoo, a delightful fusion of juicy mango and creamy coconut, handcrafted with love and sunshine.

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    Ready to embark on a journey of tropical flavours and sunshine? Order your box of Handcrafted Mango Coconut Laddoo today! We deliver Australia-wide, so the deliciousness can reach every corner of the country! 🇦🇺

      Why these laddoos will steal your heart:

      A Fusion of Flavours: Each bite is an explosion of sweet mango and creamy coconut, offering a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

      Handmade with Heart: We pour our passion into every batch, ensuring each laddoo is a testament to freshness and artisanal quality. Every piece whispers of "homemade goodness." ❤️

      Freshness Guaranteed: Made to order, these beauties arrive at your doorstep bursting with just-made aroma and irresistible flavour. They're like sunshine in a box! ✨

      Guilt-free Enjoyment: Free from preservatives, artificial flavours, and eggs, you can savour the tropical goodness without worry. Treat yourself without compromise!

      A Global Treat: Whether you're an Indian connoisseur of traditional Indian sweets or a lover of unique international flavours, these laddoos transcend borders and delight palates of all ages.

      More than just a sweet treat, it's an experience:

      Celebrate in Style: Add a touch of tropical elegance to weddings, birthdays, house warmings, or any special occasion with our beautifully packaged laddoos. They're sure to be a conversation starter and leave a lasting impression.

      Gift the Sunshine: Surprise your loved ones with a box of these vibrant bliss balls and watch their faces light up as they experience a taste of paradise! ✨

      Fuel Your Cravings: These laddoos are the perfect pick-me-up for any occasion, from afternoon slumps to post-dinner delights. Treat yourself to a little sunshine boost!


      Milk, Mango, Clarified Butter (Ghee), Coconut, Sugar & Edible Dried Flowers

      Storage Instructions

      Keep Refrigerated. Consume within 5-7 days. Unlock the full flavour potential by enjoying at room temperature.


      12 Pc Box - approximately 450g

      Please note: This Product is freshly made in a kitchen in which allergens that may be present include gluten, dairy & nuts

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      Sukh Babbar
      Tropical Delight

      Absolutely divine! These mango and coconut laddoos are a burst of tropical flavours in every bite. The perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess from the mango, combined with the rich coconut, creates a heavenly sensation on the palate. Each laddoo is impeccably crafted, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture that leaves you craving for more. Whether you're a fan of traditional Indian sweets or simply love exotic treats, these laddoos are a must-try. Five stars without a doubt. ❣️

      Pardeep Kaur
      Mango coconut laddo

      Combination of flavors together was just next level. 12 pcs box was smashed within 15 mins everyone loved it and keep asking where did you get this!!!

      Meghna S
      Mango flavor in coconut

      A different Mango flavor burst in a coconut ladoo. Loved it. Want something different with a mango twist give it a go. Won't regret it

      Sunita Talwar
      Mango coconut laddoo

      Thank you so much Simer 🙏♥️they will be first on the list for my next order… fresh and delicious…..really appreciate your your hard work, love and care put in your products 😊

      Nickey Mishra

      As always my diwali was incomplete without these ladoos. Thanks for making them so healthy and delicious.