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Kheer Cups (Indian Rice Pudding)

Kheer Cups (Indian Rice Pudding)

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Beyond Rice Pudding: Discover the Enchanting World of Sydney's Kheer Dessert Cups

Imagine this: Silky, rice pudding nestled in a fragrant embrace of cardamom and saffron, each spoonful a warm hug of comfort. This isn't just dessert; it's a taste of India, a handcrafted story of love and slow cooking, brought to life in Sydney with the finest, natural ingredients.

    Ready to embark on a creamy adventure? Order your box of Kheer Dessert Cups Online today and experience Sydney's newest taste of tradition!

    Indulge in pure tradition:

    We say no to artificial flavours and preservatives, focusing on the authentic magic of full cream milk, fragrant cardamom, and a touch of saffron. Each cup is a handmade masterpiece, simmered for hours on a slow burner, ensuring every grain of rice is infused with exotic flavours. A mixture of pistachios, cashews, almonds, and golden raisins adds a delightful crunch, while organic rose petals whisper a hint of floral elegance.

    Why Sydney's going Kheer-azy?

    Fresh & Fabulously Authentic: Made to order, bursting with the vibrant flavours of real Indian ingredients.

    No Nasties, Just Bliss: Ditch the artificial, and savor the pure, authentic taste of India, naturally.

    Eggless Delights: Everyone can enjoy! Perfect for dietary restrictions or a lighter treat.

    A Timeless Tradition: Experience the warmth and comfort of a beloved Indian dessert, passed down through generations.

    Skip the hours of simmering! We've bottled the magic of authentic Kheer, ready to melt your heart (and taste buds) in Sydney.

    Sydney's Sweet Secret: Treat yourself or impress your guests with this unique and delicious creation.


    Full Cream Milk, Rice, Sugar, Cardamom, Organic Dried Rose Petals, Almonds, Golden Raisins, Saffron, Pistachios, Cashews

    Storage Instructions

    Keep Refrigerated. Consume within 2 days. 


    Please note: This Product is freshly made in a kitchen in which allergens that may be present include gluten, dairy & nuts

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jane Panwala
    Kheer cups

    Super delicious and tasty. Elevates the simple dessert to a higher level

    Jessica Ahuja
    Amazing desserts!

    Absolutely delicious kheer and wonderful presentation. She was kind enough to also send some Besan Ladoo for my house warming (I didn’t order them) and I LOVED them.